Monday, January 26, 2015

Anchor jailbreak Tweak / Gridlock replacement for iOS 7 & iOS 8

How to Bring Native Quick Reply to the Popular Telegram Messenger App in iOS 8

Telegram Messenger is a relatively popular instant messenger application for iOS and many of you probably use the application, or have heard of it at some point in time. If you're a user, one thing you will notice is that the application doesn't take advantage of iOS 8's ability to quick-reply to a notification as it comes in.

If you want to add native quick reply to the Telegram Messenger application for iOS 8, then you need to try out a new jailbreak tweak called Envelope by iOS developer Noeliel. 

Shown above, this tweak will add native iOS 8 quick reply functionality to the Telegram Messenger application for iOS. When you receive an incoming message, you will be able to reply to the message directly from the Notification Banner or from the Lock Screen without ever having to leave the interface that you're already in.

To reveal the quick reply functionality from a banner notification, all you will need to do is swipe down on the notification banner from Telegram Messenger and a text field will appear that you can start typing your reply into before sending it off to your recipient.

Envelope doesn't come with any options to configure, although it does require the Telegram Messenger application for iOS, which is a free download from this App Store link if you're not already using it. The tweak is only compatible with iOS 8 at this point in time

Rumored 'iPad Pro' and Companion Stylus Imagined in New Renderings

Following an influx of rumors surrounding the "iPad Pro"and a possible stylus accessory launching around the same time, well-known 3D modeler and designer Martin Hajek has created a series of concept renderings for each device on his blog. 
16325331956_3f9b563361_bHajek's models include several details rumored for the iPad Pro, which has been claimed to carry a 12.2 - 12.9 inch display and fall in line with the rounded design of the current iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. The renderings are based on some design drawings that surfaced last November, with Hajek noting the design brings back the larger bezels seen in earlier-generation iPads. Consistent with the schematics and other rumors, he also places speakers on the top and bottom and edges of the device, allowing for stereo sound when used in landscape orientation. 
15728851964_240beca966_bOtherwise, the iPad Pro sticks by most of the current-generation standbys, including volume rockers on the right side of the device, a lock button on the top right, a Lightning charger on its bottom center, and a Touch ID capacitive home button sitting in its normal central position. 

Beyond the iPad Pro itself, Hajek also imagines a possibility for Apple's rumored in-house stylus. Borrowing "the design language of the iPad Pro", he added in a capacitive +/- slider for additional operations, and also elements of the Apple Watch as well, including biometric sensors and a digital crown. While the stylus renderings are interesting, a lack of leaks or even specific details about the accessory means the images are not based on any actual information. 
15728852794_c45050c9b0_bThe new renderings show off the iPad Pro mostly in the Silver option, though it's likely to receive the other two usual color options of Space Gray and Gold. The latest rumors suggest the iPad Pro may launch sometime in the late spring or early summer of this year. The full suite of renderings featuring the iPad Pro and stylus can be found on Hajek's blog.

Apple purchased AuthenTec

Apple purchased AuthenTec

Apple's acquisition of AuthenTec killed Motorola's plan to include a fingerprint scanner on the Nexus 6 according to former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Woodside reveals that the company planned to put a fingerprint scanner at the location of the dimple on the back of the Nexus 6; however, after there was no quality supplier of fingerprint technology left.

Indeed, the 6-inch Nexus 6, he can now admit, was stymied by just one of those big players. A dimple on the back that helps users hold the device should, in fact, have been rather more sophisticated. “The secret behind that is that it was supposed to be fingerprint recognition, and Apple bought the best supplier. So the second best supplier was the only one available to everyone else in the industry and they weren’t there yet,” says Woodside. Nonetheless, he adds, the addition of fingerprint recognition, “wouldn’t have made that big a difference.” 

Woodside moved from Motorola to Dropbox partly due to the freedom from such uncontrollable market forces. "We’re not trying to serve ads or sell hardware", he says.

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