Wednesday, July 1, 2015

'iPhone 6s' to Support Faster Download Speeds With Improved Qualcomm LTE Modem

Following a report yesterday that the next-generation "iPhone 6s" will appear essentially identical to the current lineup of iPhones with a few minor internal differences, an unnamed source has shared new photos of logic board from the device with 9to5Mac, revealing an updated Qualcomm LTE chip offering faster LTE speeds and greater energy efficiency. 

Specifically, the next iPhone will carry a Qualcomm MDM9635M chip -- also referred to as the "9X35" Gobi modem platform -- and it aims to give the iPhone 6s a significant increase in performance over the current 9X25 used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 
iphone 6s qualcomm chipFor everyday users, this gives the potential for significant increases in LTE network performance with download speeds of up to 300 Mbps, twice that of the current iPhone line. Real-world limitations of carrier support will, however, limit those speed improvements in many cases. 

The new Qualcomm chip, which was announced in 2013 and came to market last year, is also more power efficient. This power efficiency combined with the possibility of a slimmer motherboard could give the iPhone 6s some improvement in battery life this year. 

As shared yesterday, the iPhone 6s will appear nearly identical to the iPhone 6, which is typical for Apple's "S" generation iPhones. Apple will, however, be including a number of enhancements for the device, from the faster LTE modem to a Force Touch display and perhaps the "biggest camera jump ever."

iPods in Unreleased Colors Spotted in iTunes 12.2

Following the release of iTunes 12.2 with Apple Music support yesterday, one user has discovered graphics depicting iPods in colors not currently offered by Apple. The composite image of an iPod touch, nano, and shuffle is shown when setting up or restoring an iPod in iTunes. 
ipod_new_colorsThe new colors include a darker blue for the iPod touch, a new gold or beige color for the iPod nano, and a brighter pink color for the iPod shuffle. 

Apple has not updated its iPod color lineup in several years, most recently shifting the previous "slate" color to "space gray" back in 2013. Apple has typically updated its iPod lineup during the month of September, although it is unclear whether these new colors are actually in the works and what their release timeframe might be. 

Update: Several observers have pointed to the Calendar icon on the iPod touch screenshot showing a date of Tuesday the 14th, leading to speculation the new models could launch on Tuesday, July 14. Readers have also noticed the new image does not depict a wrist strap attachment post as seen in the lower left corner of the current models. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.4 All iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple has released iOS 8.4

Apple has released iOS 8.4 for download, bringing support for the new Apple Music streaming service.

This update introduces Apple Music - a revolutionary music service, 24/7 global radio, and a way for fans to connect with their favorite artists - all included in the redesigned Music app. iOS 8.4 also includes improvements for iBooks and bug fixes.

You can get iOS 8.4 by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update, on your iOS device.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Apple Watch: Sapphire vs. Ion-X Display Glass Comparison

For the Apple Watch Sport with Ion-X Glass we measured the Screen Reflectance to be 4.7 percent, while for the Apple Watch with Sapphire we measured 8.2 percent Screen Reflectance, which is 74 percent higher than Glass. Both values are about 0.6 percent higher than just pure sapphire and glass alone, indicating that Apple has done an excellent job in optically bonding both the glass and sapphire to the OLED display without an air gap.

DisplayMate notes that while reflectance plays a big part in the display quality of current generation Apple Watches, the reflectance of both Sapphire and Glass will be reduced significantly in the near future, thanks to new technologies. For now the 74% higher reflectance of the Apple Watch with Sapphire means that it will reflect almost twice as much surround light.

Contrast Ratios are infinite at 0 lux absolute darkness but they decrease rapidly with ambient light. At mid-range indoor lighting of 500 lux the contrast ratio of the glass Apple Watch Sport is just 64 and the sapphire Apple Watch is 38. This is with the watch at maximum brightness with the ambient light sensor fooled. At moderate outdoor lighting in the shade (2000 lux) the contrast ratio is just 17 with glass and 10 with sapphire. For full daylight (10000 lux) the contrast ratios are just 3 and 2.

How does your Apple Watch fair in the sun? Let us know in the comments!

Hit the link below for even more analysis of the displays. 

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