Friday, October 31, 2014

Pangu8 iOS 8.0 - 8.1 Jailbreak Released With Cydia Included!

Pangu 1.1 Jailbreak Tool for Windows Released With English Support and Cydia Bundled

Published on 10-31-2014 08:32 AM

On Friday morning, the Pangu jailbreak team made the announcement on Twitter that they had released a nice Halloween surprise; Pangu 1.1 is now available with official English support, and for the first time, Cydia is finally bundled with the jailbreak automatically when you jailbreak your iOS 8.x device without the need to install Cydia manually:

The team also notes that if you jailbroke using an earlier version of Pangu and installed Cydia manually and didn't install a third-party match to get it working with a passcode and Touch ID, then there's no reason to restore and jailbreak – you can just update Cydia Installer and the Pangu jailbreak untether from Cydia and you'll be fine.

In additional news, the team also commented on the status of a Mac OS X version of the tool. Pangu says they're going to need more time to see if there are any more problems with the iOS 8.x jailbreak in its current state. If everything looks to be safe, the team will commence work on a Mac OS X version of the jailbreak tool for iOS 8.x; if there are still bugs, the team will focus on fixing them in the current Windows-only tool until they're all fixed.

Now that everything is out of the flaky "beta" stages, Cydia actually comes with your jailbreak, the tool is in English, and most of the major bugs have been fixed, now is a good time to upgrade your iOS devices to iOS 8.x and begin jailbreaking with Pangu for Windows. You can download the latest version of Pangu for free from this link.

Sources: Pangu

Thursday, October 30, 2014

'UntetheredHeySiri' Lets You Use iOS 8's "Hey Siri" Feature Without a Power Source

If you're on iOS 8, then you already know that the new operating system includes a feature called "Hey Siri" that allows you to simply say the words "Hey Siri" while your device is connected to a power source in order for Siri to open up without ever using your hands to hold down the Home Button.

Unfortunately, the feature is limited to when you're connected to a power source because it will use some of your battery life while listening for you to say those words. Well, some of us just don't care and want to be able to use this feature anywhere, whether we're connected to a power source, or we're just out and about without a power source.

If this sounds like you, and you're jailbroken on iOS 8.x using the latest Pangu jailbreak tool, then you can install a new free jailbreak tweak called UntetheredHeySiri by iOS developer Hamza Sood. 

This tweak modifies the "Hey Siri" option under Settings > General > Hey Siri so that you can actually choose between enabling the feature between being connected to a power source, or enabling the feature at any time you want to, whether you're connected to a power source or not, as shown below:

If "Hey Siri" is a fun feature to you, and you want to be able to bring it anywhere, even when you're not connected to a power source, then this is the tweak for you. It's available for free right now in Cydia's BigBoss repository and does require a device running iOS 8.0 through iOS 8.1 to be installed.

As a side note, UntetheredHeySiri is open source, and you can view the tweak's source code on GitHub at this link.

Name: UntetheredHeySiri
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
Requirements: iOS 8.0-8.1
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: Hamza Sood

Some OS X Yosemite Users Plagued With Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Since OS X Yosemite's October 16 launch
According to the complaints, Wi-Fi connections are sometimes extremely slow, resulting in long loading times, and in some cases, users are seeing their Wi-Fi connections disconnect continually after just a few minutes of being connected.

Since upgrading to Yosemite, my previously-stable (with Mavericks) wifi connection keeps dropping. I have to click the wifi icon and re-select my network every minute or two. I have turned off bluetooth and uninstalled/reinstalled wifi and my networks. I have rebooted multiple times. No luck so far. It appears that others are having similar problems.
The problems appear to be affecting a wide range of different MacBooks, different routers, and users in different locations. A number of different fixes have been suggested on various forums, but it does not appear that any one solution works for everyone, suggesting there may be an issue with Yosemite that needs to be addressed in a future update. 

Some users have had luck disabling Bluetooth, turning off Handoff, creating new Network Locations, doing a clean Yosemite install, setting a router to "G-mode only," turning off Dropbox syncing, disabling WPA router encryption, or turning off all proxies in Network preferences, but other users have not been able to solve their Wi-Fi problems at all even attempting all of the above listed solutions. Swapping to a 2.4GHz band has, however, worked for a large number of users. 

Apple support representatives have supplied users with different solutions that have included removing excess preferred networks in the Network section of System Preferences and resetting the System Management Controller

OS X Daily has written an in-depth tutorial on how to fix the Wi-Fi problems in OS X Yosemite, which involves several steps like deleting preference files, creating custom DNS settings, and refreshing the discoveryd service, but for users who can't find a fix, the site recommends downgrading to OS X Mavericks until Yosemite is updated. 

Users attempting any of the highly technical fixes above should make a Time Machine backup ahead of time and use caution when deleting any system files. Thus far, there is no word on when a Yosemite update might come as Apple has not yet released any betas to developers.

Pangu App Now Lets You Install Cydia, Updated Jailbreak Utility Will Be Available in 24 Hours

The Pangu app that is installed after jailbreaking iOS 8.0 - iOS 8.1 has been updated with the ability to install Cydia 

If u already jailbreak by Pangu 1.0, u could installCydia 1.1.14 via Pangu APP. It shall work well on iOS 8.1. Appreciate @saurik hard work

Pangu has also announced that an updated utility with Cydia bundled will be available in 24 hours.

Also we plan to release Pangu 1.1 in 24 hours with Cydia bundled and english support if everything goes well today. Pls be patient, tks!

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Saurik Updates Cydia Substrate

On Thursday, Saurik has released yet another update for the Cydia Substrate extension for the iOS platform via Cydia. While the recent updates to the Cydia Substrate extension have been merely for making the extension more compatible with the iOS 8 jailbreak, this update focuses on something a little different.

Saurik mentions in the release notes that this version of Cydia Substrate (version 0.9.5016) is intended to make the extension a bit more compatible with earlier versions of iOS, such as iOS 4.3 and earlier.

The updated solves a problem on these devices running earlier versions of iOS where the device could be sent into a continuous boot loop after installing the latest version of Cydia Substrate for iOS 8.x. With this issue now fixed, those running iOS 4.3 or earlier are now safe to install the latest version of Cydia Substrate without having to worry about this problem happening to them.

The update is available in Cydia right now from the Changes tab after you refresh your Cydia sources. We'll keep you updated on the latest, so stay tuned!